5 tips for getting your property ready to sell

With the temperatures soaring into double figures at the moment, the spring months  here and are a great time to consider selling your property.  The York market is continuing to show good activity and with stock levels of good family houses still fairly low, now is a great time to consider selling.

Before you get your property ‘market ready’ and arrange for the photographer to visit, consider the 5 tips below to ensure your viewers are being shown your properties best features without getting sidetracked by clutter, dust and those items you’ve been meaning to car boot for some time!

1. Store excess and outdated furniture, books and toys off site. Do not use the loft or garage where viewers will want to look.

2. Fix chips in woodwork, cracks in plaster, broken tiles or glass and dripping taps, and replace mouldy grout or sealant in the bathroom.

3. Neutralise the decor by painting over bold colours and get rid of patterned carpets. Remove family photos and ornaments and use colour sparingly on a few accent pieces.

4. Clean outside and in, including all surfaces and floors, both sides of windows and ledges and cobwebs clinging to walls. Do not forget to tidy the front garden as that is the first thing buyers will see.

5. Style and accessorise by making up the beds with fresh neutral linen, dress the table for dinner, turn on lamps and add flowers and fresh fluffy towels.