Moving to York

Moving to a new area can be daunting and finding the right place to live feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.  We’ve recently had quite a few buyers contact us to get advice on what to do first and where to start.  So on that note, we have put together some top tips on making the process that little bit less stressful…

1. What’s driving the move – Decide on what is bringing you to the area.  Is it schools, a work relocation, to be nearer to family?  This will help pin point where you should start your search. You may need to be within a certain walking distance of a school or a 30 minute drive to your new place of work. You might decide you want to be within 20 miles of the sea. Whatever your reason for moving, the first thing to do is set your radius and the centre point of your search.

2.  Property type – Your search area is set! Now it’s time to decide on what sort of property you need. Are you looking for a detached family home with garden, do you need to house regular relative visits now you’ll be moving away? Are you wanting a property close to a train station for a work commute? All these factors will either expand or narrow your search criteria in the areas you’ve chosen to look.

3. Assess your budget –  Can you buy properties in the area you’ve chosen with the budget you have?  If you can that’s great, you’re well on your way. If not, have a look at properties which require work or renovation. Choosing something which isn’t your perfect home right now might be a way into an area which would normally be out of your set budget. Or, look just outside your chosen area.  Sometimes the next postcode along may offer some cheaper alternatives.

4. Ask the locals – If your chosen area has a local pub or shop, pop in and speak to the pub landlord or staff.  Speaking to the locals will always give you an open honest and true insight into what it’s like being a resident in that area.

5. Try before you buy – If you’re still unsure and daunted by the leap, the best and most valuable advice would be to ‘try before you buy’ and rent a property first.  Sometimes renting in a new area allows you to find your feet and get used to a location without the commitment of putting down cash.  It will also give you the advantage of being in the best buying position possible when you do come to find your dream home.

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