Online or Traditional?

With many new online agents popping up throughout the internet, capitalising on their inexpensive sales service and hooking in sellers to use this route instead of the traditional high street agent, we have set out below the points and pitfalls many sellers don’t consider when appointing an online agent to sell their home.  Remember, for most of us, this is the largest most expensive asset you own so it goes without saying it is better to spend a little more to have it done right first time. Before you discount a traditional high street agent, here are some points for consideration:

You pay up front: The downside to the upfront online fee is that it is payable regardless of whether the property actually sells or not.

This means that while it may seem cheaper at first glance, if the sale falls through, you could still end up out of pocket. Some firms will allow you to pay on completion, however this is still non-negotiable and non-refundable.

Lack of consistency: An all-hours telephone service is great for those with a busy schedule, but you may find you’re talking to a different person each time as essentially, it’s a national call centre. It’s not uncommon for vendors to have to wait on hold for lengthy periods of time before being able to speak to someone about their query.

Extra costs build up: If you’re considering listing your property online, it’s worth noting that you may have to pay extra for professional photos and to have a floor plan designed. These extra costs all add up.

Any extra help may also cost you, you may find you end up paying more than you would with a traditional agent. The same goes for any after-sales support.

Viewings: Unless you’ve been assigned a regional sales representative, usually you’ll have to conduct viewings yourself, so you’ll need to be comfortable showing strangers around your home. Not everyone is comfortable with this.  At Lancaster Samms we accompany all viewings and take the stress away from you.

Further costs/DIY: If you use an online agent to sell your home, you may need to do a lot of the work yourself. For example, you may have to create your own property advert, manage and respond to buyer enquiries, arrange and conduct your own viewings, or negotiate with interested buyers to secure an offer.

After sales support: An online estate agent cannot call a buyer’s lawyer to push along negotiations (only a property professional can do that) which can make the buying process a lot slower. In short, you may not be able to benefit from the middleman service you get through a high street agent, which can add stress and time to your sale.

At Lancaster Samms, we have everything under one roof and, for one fee and no hidden costs, we offer a smooth, professional approach from beginning to end when selling your home.  There are no call centres, no hidden costs and most importantly, the help and support you need at what is arguably one of the most stressful times in your life. Our testimonial page will give you an insight into the many satisfied buyers and sellers we have dealt with over the years.  Added to that, we experience a high level of repeat business when it comes to selling again.

Please feel free to call or pop into the office to talk to us personally should you wish to appoint our services or purely for simple property advice or chat.